Harshit's fav poems
Poetry is love

With All That Extra Time

  • With all that extra time I had,
  • With all that extra time…

  • I’d buy myself a writing pad,
  • And write a pantomime -
  • I’d take a walk around the park
  • To watch the birds in flight -
  • I’d sit and stare, and after dark,
  • I’d view the stars at night -
  • I’d learn to craft a boat or two
  • To sail across the sea -
  • I’d find the perfect thing to do
  • With me, and only me -
  • I’d paint myself a silver scene
  • Of homes and hills and lakes -
  • I’d make a glossy magazine
  • For baking tasty cakes -
  • I’d take a swim beyond the shore
  • And through the foam and spray -
  • The world would be my open door
  • With just an extra day.

  • With all that extra time to spend,
  • To spare, to share, to know -
  • I’d live my dreams…