Harshit's fav poems
Poetry is love


  • “Perhaps I’ll be a sailor
  • and I’ll sail the seas between -
  • Perhaps I’ll be a tailor
  • making outfits for the queen -
  • Perhaps I’ll be a dancer
  • and I’ll dance the night away -
  • I’ll find a cure for cancer!
  • I’ll write myself a play!

  • “Perhaps I’ll be a writer
  • and I’ll charge a writer’s fee -
  • The bravest firefighter
  • that you’d ever hope to see -
  • Perhaps I’ll be a lawyer
  • and I’ll rank amongst the best -
  • I’ll build the star destroyer!
  • I’ll conquer every test!

  • “Perhaps I’ll be a lover,
  • and I’ll love my lovely life!
  • I’ll journey and discover
  • with my lovely kids and wife!
  • Perhaps I’ll love tomorrow!”

  • He smiled and looked ahead.

  • He softly sighed with sorrow.

  • “… or maybe not,” he said.