About Me

I'm Harshit Kumar (हर्षित कुमार).

I enjoy learning regardless of subject; sometimes I find myself studying microeconomics but my primary interest lies in machine learning and data science. I love finding patterns in data and solving problems. I've worked on various machine learning problems in computer vision and natural language processing. In my free time, I enjoy going through Q&A on the StackExchange network and playing sudoku.

Currently, I'm in fourth-year pursuing B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research (AIACTR), GGSIPU, Delhi.


  • Programming/Markup languages:
      Python, JavaScript, C++, C, SQL, Java, R, HTML5, CSS3, LaTeX
  • Machine Learning:
      PyTorch, Keras, OpenCV, sklearn, pandas, numpy, matplotlib
  • Tools and Frameworks:
      Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, Git, Qt, D3.js, AWS, Linux, Android,

Previous Experience

  • AI (Computer Vision) Intern Jun 2019 - Present
    Vehant Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Working on one of the remarkable applications of Computer Vision - essentially Semantic and Instance segmentation.

  • AI (NLP) Intern Jun 2018 - Aug 2018
    Arbunize Digital Pvt. Ltd.
    Applied Natural Language Processing algorithms on resumes for automatic information extraction.
    - Implemented Satz sentence boundary detection system using decision trees and neural networks.
    - Worked on job title prediction based on skills. Developed different models including random forest, support vector machines, K nearest neighbors.
    - Developed a multi-output neural network based MBTI personality prediction model based on an applicant's writing style.
    - Implemented algorithms for segmentation of the resume into different sections such as Education, Skills, Experience etc.

  • Machine Learning InternMay 2018 - Jun 2018
    REDCAT Labs
    Developed a traffic sign detection and recognition system using Convolutional Neural Networks for electric vehicles.

My Projects

Check projects page for more details.